noun: repository, plural noun: repositories

a place, building, or receptacle where things are or may be stored:

a central location in which data is stored and managed:

a person or thing regarded as a store of information or in which something abstract is held to exist or be found:

Welcome to The Rory Repository, your most complete online resource dedicated to actor Rory McCann, best known for his role as Sandor Clegane in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

The Rory Repository is an unofficial fansite with a large multimedia section of over 13,000 items (and still counting) including: high quality screen captures, magazine scans, event pictures, photoshoots and more! This site offers media downloads, detailed information and the latest news on Rory and his career. We strive to bring you updated information and a fun fansite without being intrusive of Rory’s personal life.

Enjoy! ♥ MrsDanaFox

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